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Some people may become paralysed from the effects of marijuana use, making it difficult to drive, work or care for children. Red eyes, impaired muscle coordination, delayed reaction time, increased appetite, and poor muscle coordination are all signs of marijuana use. An abrupt shift in mood from anxious to relaxed could be a sign of marijuana use. Marijuana has a distinct smell that is sometimes called “skunk-like”. A person may also notice a distinct smell on their clothing and hair, which could indicate that they have used marijuana recently. You can also smoke marijuana and inhale it through a vape cigarette. Although there is not much information about the health risks of vaping THC products for your health, some serious lung injuries have been linked to vaping.

THC metabolites can be detected in the body for anywhere from 1 to 30 days after last usage. These kits are not reliable and excessive water intake can lead to serious health problems. Increased doses and frequent use will increase the time required to eradicate weed from your body. A 1.5-inch segment of hair taken near the scalp, which grows at approximately 0.5 inches per year, can give you a glimpse into the past three months’ weed use.

Online repositories that have user reviews like Leafly or Weemaps are a great way to see which strains other users think is best for them. Downs pointed me to “Oreoz,” a high-THC strain that received an insightful user review in January. David Downs is Leafly’s California bureau chief. He plays games and points out that different strains can have different effects on performance. Durant joined Weedmaps, an online cannabis marketplace, in 2021 to help remove the stigma around cannabis and athletics. Durant enjoys smoking marijuana and is considered by his peers to be the greatest pure point scorer in history. Durant might not be benefiting from marijuana, but it isn’t hurting him performance. It is still puzzling that almost every major sporting organisation out there still bans marijuana use.

In any case, weed control has evolved into a highly skilled activity. The technology is available to industry and universities that offer courses in weed management. Weed control is crucial for high crop yields in agriculture.

It may cause brain damage

Inhaled smoke is absorbed from your lungs when you smoke a joint, or pull off a bong. Your lungs contain millions of air sacs, called alveoli. They have a large surface area. You must be 16 years old or older to submit your information. Sign up for the Essentials newsletter to stay up-to-date on science news. The individual’s experience with cannabis can have an impact on their lives. This depends on how many times they have used it, how strong it is, and when they last got high. Scientists know that cannabis does not cure any disease. Use our tool to find out if your insurance company may cover rehab for someone you care about.

CNN reports that Dr. Stuart Gitlow, American Society for Addiction Medicine, has determined that about one in 100 users of highly potent marijuana will experience psychotic symptoms. Fox News also reports that a study has shown that high THC marijuana can cause psychiatric disorders. Marijuana is known for being non-addictive and harmless. However, smoking marijuana can have a devastating effect on your brain and body. These risks should be considered before you smoke or consume cannabis. According to some studies, the effects of marijuana can vary depending on when a person first started smoking it and how long they have used it. People who smoke marijuana as a teenager and use it for a longer time might experience greater effects.

She says that the THC content has increased dramatically, while CBD and other components that could mitigate the effects of THC have decreased. “The ratio between THC and other compounds went from 14:1 to 100 to 1. This is important because it determines how pot affects your brain and body. It is important to seek help from an addiction professional who can customize a treatment plan for you. Don’t hesitate to get help if you or someone you care about is suffering from marijuana addiction.

You could experience withdrawal symptoms, which can leave you feeling irritable and restless, unable or unable to sleep, and not wanting to eat when you aren’t using marijuana. Find out how to recognize signs of marijuana addiction. One in 10 people who use cannabis will develop an addiction. This means that you cannot stop using marijuana even if it causes harm to your job, finances, and relationships. You are more at risk the earlier you use marijuana and the more you smoke it. If you smoke pot during your teens, the chances of developing an addiction to it are 1 in 6.

Government authorities have classified some weed species as noxious because they can compete with native crops or cause damage to livestock if they aren’t controlled. Many of these weed species are either accidentally imported or unintentionally introduced to a region with few natural controls. A 2016 study showed a correlation between genetic markers and marijuana addiction symptoms. This suggests that some people might be predisposed to using marijuana. You can also ingest marijuana in food, which is often the choice of medical marijuana users.



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